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FULL EPISODE #212: Cap Arms & Ideal Energy


Cap Arms – Sibley
Built on the trust and partnership of childhood friends, CapArms was the idea that brought three military vets together again. Pushed out of a major metropolitan area in Minnesota, this ammunition company found the perfect fit in a small Iowa community.

Ideal Energy – Fairfield
After returning home from active duty, a Navy SEAL sought an education in sustainability at a small Iowa university. Now, he and his wife work together, using renewable energy to sow the seeds of peace.

FULL EPISODE #101: Malcolm Lumber & ScoutPro


Malcom Lumber – Grinnell
It hasn’t always been easy for the Schroeder family, but despite all of the heartbreaks, they still manage to find joy in running their small business.

ScoutPro – Urbandale
See how three college friends, who started their business while still in school, react when their business plan is put to the test.