Tag: Medical

FULL EPISODE #211: MediRevv & Cabin Coffee Company


MediRevv – Coralville
Providing the healthcare industry with a more efficient process for billing and coding, Chris Klitgaard has made MediRevv a driving force behind healthcare companies throughout the US.

Cabin Coffee Clear Lake
Shifting from their careers in sales and consulting, Brad and Angie Barber have turned their idea for a happy coffee shop into a franchise that’s popping up all over the U.S.

FULL EPISODE #206: Puck Custom Enterprises & Stone Medical


Puck Custom Enterprises – Manning
Learn the history behind how a side job grew into one of the largest employers in Manning, Iowa.

Stone Medical – Davenport
Follow the road from solving a problem in the medical industry to actually getting the product to the hospitals that need it.

FULL EPISODE #109: TelePharm & Loess Hills Lavender Farm


TelePharm Iowa City
Todd Thompson has always had an entrepreneurial spirit. It was just a matter of time before his son followed suit.

Loess Hills Lavender Farm – Missouri Valley
Mary and Tim went on vacation to Washington and came back with a dream. See how they are fighting to bring their vision to life.

FULL EPISODE #105: HarrisVaccines & Pizza Ranch


HarrisVaccines – Ames
Dr. Hank Harris was told that it would be impossible for his business plan to succeed. Now, farmers all across the United States can thank Hank for following his instincts.

Pizza Ranch – Orange City
An 18 year old had a vision for a restaurant. See how his idea has grown to nearly 200 locations.